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Recombinant PNGase F for the Analysis of Glycoproteins Poster




PNGase F is an endoglycosidase isolated from Elizabethkingia miricola that specifically removes N-linked glycans from glycoproteins. PNGase F is a commonly used reagent in workflows for identifying sites of N-linked glycosylation and characterizing N-linked glycan structures on therapeutic proteins.

We have expressed and purified recombinant PNGase F (rPNGase F) to homogeneity and shown that it is highly active against a wide panel of substrates including purified glycoproteins and complex mixtures of human serum glycoproteins. Furthermore, the enzyme is active in MS-compatible workflows both in non-denaturing conditions and in the presence of ProteaseMAX surfactant.

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  • Part# PS168
  • Printed in USA.

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